California Recovery is a family of treatment centers for women and men. We help build the foundation for a sober life. Our program is built on the concept of one alcoholic helping another.

28th June 2012


Yellowstone Recovery Detox

We understand that many residents may come to our program still suffering from the ravages of addiction. Detoxification is not only physically challenging, but quite frightening for the individual preparing to enter treatment. California Recovery offers non-medical detox services, supervised by a compassionate and knowledgeable staff. 

Throughout the detox process, residents are supervised 24-hours a day in a safe, comfortable environment. Our experienced staff are supported by licensed therapist and counselors. We also have a medical doctor on-call who can provide necessary services.

7th June 2012


Yellowstone Recovery

Yellowstone Recovery is a family of treatment centers for women and men. We help build the foundation for a sober life. Or program is built on the concept of one alcoholic helping another. Yellowstone Recovery provides a complete solution to addiction. Our program begins within patient detox and residential treatment. We then offer sober living in one of our Oxford House sober living homes. We also offer dual diagnosis services. Our programs adopt the traditions of the 12-step programs. We encourage working with others and being of service. We regularly attend 12-step meetings. Everyone at Yellowstone Recovery has a sponsor, even the staff members. Sponsors help guide us through the 12-steps. We learn that our problem centers in our mind. That the physical addiction is just as severe. That all we have is today. We learn to make today count. We know there is a better way of living. We teach our clients that way of life. We give them a safe pace to come home to. Come home to Yellowstone Recovery.

Yellowstone Recovery Women’s Program

20 years ago women had the nearly impossible task of finding a program. Now women have places to go. Most of these programs are still small. Yet these programs have the enormous support of sober women. Our alumni are such a group. We have alumni at Yellowstone Recovery who volunteer their time on a weekly basis. They help answer phones. They run groups with new girls. Many of them decide to give back by sponsoring clients. Yellowstone Recovery has helped over 5,000 women and men since our doors opened. We have 4 women’s houses. We can help up to 30 women at a time. We offer the lowest prices in orange county for a 90-day program. Generally 30-50% of the cost of 30 days of treatment in other programs.

Yellowstone Recovery Men’s Program

Yellowstone Recovery has been very successful with men. Success in recovery is possible. All it takes is a personal decision. You have to put sobriety before everything else in life. This includes family and a job. Those seeking recovery must have the desire to stay sober. This means doing things they would not otherwise so. Men who have failed everywhere else have succeeded in our program. We have 5 men’s houses. This lets us help 50 men at a time. Each week Yellowstone Recovery holds a men’s meeting. All the men in the program meet for food and fellowship. Each house checks in with current news. Each week an assignment is given at this meeting. This generally includes working with another alcoholic in some form. Alumni attend this meeting to work with the new men.